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Explore Five Types of Villas and Townhouses in Dubai

The allure of the villa and townhouse lifestyle in Dubai is desired by many. Such beautiful dwellings come with their exclusive set of facilities and amenities. Those wanting to have detached units surrounded by open green spaces prefer to live in villas. However, townhouses are also in demand in the city. Dubai\’s real estate market has multi-story units in different layouts.

These property types have different designs and styles and are suitable for bigger families. Here are five types of villas and townhouses in Dubai.

  1. Contemporary: It defines townhouses and villas as the architecture of the modish world, not ‘modern’ architecture. Both are different. Modern architecture in real dates back to the era between the 1910 and 1960s when housing units with minimalism were famous. On the other side, contemporary style is the evolving architectural style prevalent in the 21st century. A contemporary mixture of townhouses or villas includes two different and innovative designs.

  2. Mediterranean: This type reflects brilliance and opulence and a balance of Spanish and Italian architecture, usually created in warm locations, like Dubai. The Mediterranean style exudes class and elegance. This style is categorized into three- Spanish Revival with low-pitched roof, Italian Renaissance with columns and rounded arches, and Modern Mediterranean with traces of Italian and Spanish influences. However, the style includes the element of simplicity.

  3. Arabic: Arabic is a prominent style in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, and those styled townhouses and villas are popular for their splendor and magnificence. Arabic houses reflect spacious rooms, large windows, and domed ceilings. Also, they are adorned with shiny floors, huge chandeliers, and intricate railing. This design includes some elements of modernism and bold colors. Some villas with covered patios are perfect for placing outdoor furniture.

  4. Spanish: Villas and townhouses of Spanish type are widely famous in the present times. These stylish residences have classic small windows, wooden-beam roofs, and ornate archways. They are identified by their thick walls, adobe brickwork, and white stucco. The thick walls act as an additional layer of property installation and protect against heat as absorbed by the walls.

  5. Classic Design: Originated from the ancient Greeks and Romans, it illustrates the luxurious lifestyle prevalent of that era. Classic villas are planned by following three rules- beauty, usefulness, and solidness. They portray the rich culture and lifestyle in the emirate. An individual can find this design in a lavish real estate area.

Regardless of what architectural design a townhouse or villa features, you should learn about what this property offers while you plan to buy properties in Dubai. Though villas and townhouses provide comfort, luxuries, exceptional lifestyle, and modernity, you can get the property of your choice to live, make profits, or give it on rent. Dubai has limitless property choices to invest in.